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Rocky is now a proven sire!! He created miniature

artistic masterpieces, with Trinity, that are truly beautiful, unique individuals with eyes of sapphire!

Frida Kahlo

Seal Mitted Bicolor female Available


Georgia O'Keefe

Seal Bicolor with white tail tip female Available $1500


Seal Mitted with Blaze Male RESERVED for Jackie $1500


* AVAILABLE--Ready to be adopted

* ON HOLD--Awaiting deposit

* RESERVED--Deposit Received

* ADOPTED--Paid in full

* UNDER EVALUATION--Cattery Hold for show

and/or breeding purposes


WAIT LIST (Deposits Received):

Mary Show Quality Flame/Blue Bicolor Female


Andromeda Seal Bicolor Female Available $2500

Bellissima on Left, Christine in Middle, Carmella on Right

"The dog may be wonderful prose, but only the cat is poetry."

~French Proverb