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NY Divine d' Argents


At thirteen years of age, I bred, raised, and placed purebred Dutch bunnies in new homes. I was not aware that I could show my stock at the time. As I grew older, and acquired my first boyfriend, my attentions were focused elsewhere and my mother pointed out that it was time stop breeding the rabbits. Fast forward a few decades, due to the pandemic, I decided that I wanted to become more independent in regard to my food supply. I planted a vegetable garden, built two green houses, obtained hydroponic supplies, purchased a composter, as well as planted a variety of fruit trees and berry bushes. I also decided to obtain a meat source, should COVID 19 affect the food supply for humans, or that of my Ragdolls who are obligate carnivores. I decided that I would acquire multi-purpose rabbits.

I have researched several breeds of rabbits and decided that there were two that would perfectly suit my needs in my newly established rabbitry. Champagne d'Argent is translated as "Silver of Champagne." This rabbit is born entirely black and turns to a silvery grey as it matures to 10-12 pounds. These rabbits are believed to have 

originated in the 1600s in the historical northeast province of Champagne, France (although they may have been bred even before that by French monastery monks), and have been utilized for their manure (garden gold), spectacular silvery pelt, and clean lean meat. Today, Champagne d'Argents are valued for the same reasons, but also make wonderful pets and are accepted for show in the American Rabbit Breeder Association (ARBA).

Photo Credit: Brick House Acres Rabbitry

       This is a small rabbitry that is in its infancy, as I have just acquired a show quality breeding pair of purebred ARBA registered Champagne d'Argent rabbits with pedigrees. I am now an official ARBA registered rabbitry: NY Divine d'Argents. I intend to take part in upcoming ARBA shows to learn as much as possible about showing and breeding these rabbits. If I enjoy my bunnies as much as my Ragdolls, I may seek to complete my future breeding program with a show quality breeding pair of Creme d'Argents as well.

Without further adieu--introducing my beautiful baby Champagne d'Argents:

Brick House Acres Pyramus DV3

Champagne d' Argent Buck

Sire: Brick House Acres Dawn's Dakota D1

Dam: Brick House Acres Velvet AN4

DOB: 6/9/20

Black Duck's Thisbe BDM12

Champagne d' Argent Doe

Sire: Dressler's Ridge Coal EG20

Dam: Black Duck's Blueberry BD192

DOB: 5/15/20